Sunday, August 5, 2007

Breasts and Bras: Growth and Development!

This is a special subject of interest for men and women. To men it is a wonderful inspiration to know about the growth of a pair of beautiful feminine breasts with everlasting charisma. It may be due to the attractive size and shape, texture and structure with lovely appendages that embodies in their emerging growth and development phase.

Curiosity on the Beautiful Breasts!

Primarily it is because of curiosity triggered with underlying natural sexual feeling upon the sophisticated organs. Secondary interest may arise to make use of the knowledge in the business process of garment making, especially brassieres that embrace the pairs of breasts in a good looking-classic way!

Budding Breasts!

The initiation,growth and development of breasts is an intricate subject that provides a lot of information on the growth phase of a girl child turning into a teenage girl, grown up woman and a mother finally.

The real budding breast growth starts as early as in the age of 8 or late in 13 too. The budding breast creates curiosity to the girl and makes her to look at it with anxiety.
Breast Size that Matters!
A girl with low nutritious food habit may get initiation of budding a little late and also smaller. The girl with smaller buds starts worrying and continues to be dejected with smaller breasts even when she has become grown up.

However, a good nutritious sumptuous food will always helps to gain bigger breasts. Too big a pair of breasts could spoil the image besides discomforting the women in simple social and business gatherings with men and women.

Breast Shape that Appeals!

The shape of breast is also important as this contour has a natural aesthetic effect to amuse you with the beauty of a woman. Medium sized breasts with a firm shape make them more beautiful and appealing to add prestige and pride to the woman. The normal face to face meetings are not hindered in such a mixed social gathering.

However, nothing can stop the men to sneak at a woman’s breasts when they are above average in volume and shape having inviting looks!

Measure your Breasts!

Now, to keep supporting the idea of beauty, you need to wear a bra of apt size and shape. You can uphold the beauty of breasts only with correct size brassieres. You should know your breast size and correct fitting bras.

You must learn to measure your breasts and find out the real size of the bras that will comfortably hold your beauty up. This is highly helpful in buying bras with correct body and cup size and perfect fitting blouses from garment shops.

Growth and development of Brassieres!

Brassieres have a birth, growth and development in its history. It started with a single piece of cloth tied over the busts with out signifying that a pair of beautiful breasts is hidden inside. Instead, it expressed as if a single organ is present.

Crushing shields a curse!

The horrible time was that the breasts were covered with metallic shields with leather straps just like warrior wearing their battling dress. However, they compressed and pushed out the breasts making openly visible. Woman had no say about their comforts, as that was a time men dominated in all.

A beginning of Modern Bras!

A time came when a pair of hankies was tied to cover the pair of breasts with a single strap to get it tied at the back. More or less this is the beginning of the modern bra. Sometime after, cloth at each side was made into a cone like structure to hold the breast more comfortably.

Research on Breasts and matching Bras!

There after the growth and development of brassieres in terms of sizes and shapes with various clothing materials is phenomenal. The manufacturing companies started their own research and development wing to promote a product with immense business potential.

Now, there are innumerable varieties of bras to satisfy the need of girls, women and mothers. There are multifarious combinations of linens, cups, straps, hooks and fashions to support the soft and gorgeous breasts of modern women.

Breasts and Bras are functional!

The breasts are true functional organs with beauty and the brassieres are factors of support for the noble cause. The growth and development of both are interesting and intricate as they support and induce the nerve center of human beings to engage in primary sexual activity.